Can Ferrets Swim or Will They Drown?

do ferrets like to swimMany animals love swimming, but can they swim or will they drown? That is something you should know before you take your pet to the beach, or create a swimming environment in a bathtub.

Do ferrets swim? The simple answer to that question is yes. However, they can’t swim instinctively as dogs. Instead, they have to learn to swim. It is something you should keep in mind when allowing your pet to enter the water for the first time.

How to Teach Ferrets to Swim

In the wild, ferrets won’t enter the water for enjoyment or relaxation. However, they won’t hesitate to go in if they are hunting.

Most ferrets learn how to swim from their moms. If they need to learn on their own, it is vital to try and make your pet as comfortable as possible during the process.

You can consider improvising a swimming pool in your backyard. A clean litter box, or any other box, will do as long as it is shallow enough for your ferret to reach the bottom with its legs. It would be great if it can also enter and exit without your help.

The reaction to water varies from one ferret to another. Some of them may love it and feel like they belong there, but others may be afraid. That is why you should be patient during their first contact with the water.

How Do Ferrets Swim?

can ferrets swim or will they drownIt is impossible to answer the “if ferrets swim or will they drown” in advance. You should encourage it to enter the water by showing the improvised pool you have created. If necessary, you can even resort to using treats to lure them into the water.

If the water is deep, you can consider putting it in the water while keeping your arm below the ferret. That way, they may feel safer, and that may accelerate their learning rate.

Make sure to be around while your ferret is in the water, especially if the water is deep for them. If you notice that your pet is afraid of the water, do not push them. You can try another time, or make your peace with the fact that your ferret doesn’t like swimming

If your pet feels comfortable in the water, let them play. They can enter or exit as they please, and it is important to let them do what they want. That way, the ferret will start considering the water a comfortable and natural-like environment.

Can Ferrets Swim or Will They Drown if in the Water for Long?

The crucial thing to consider is that ferrets invest a lot of energy in swimming. It may look like they are enjoying (and that can even be true), but it still takes a lot of effort. That is why you should be around to ensure they don’t run out of energy and start drowning.

It is not unusual for ferrets to be exhausted after swimming. They will need a lot of time to rest. It is not something to worry about, especially since ferrets love sleeping. Let your pet rest, and they will be ready for action once they refill their energy.

Do Ferrets Swim in a Pool?

do ferrets swimYes, ferrets can swim in a pool. However, you should check that the water doesn’t contain any chlorine. The skin and eyes of these animals are very sensitive to chlorine, which is why you should be cautious. Not many pools are free from chlorine, which is why a small pool in your backyard may be the best choice.

Here are some additional tips that you can apply:

  • Do not force your pet into the water. If they feel like exploring more, allow them to run around the pool first.
  • Avoid taking your pet to the pool when it is sunny. Strong sunlight can damage your ferret’s eyes.
  • If your ferret is afraid of the water, be patient. You can consider going in first to lure them inside.
  • Once the swimming session is done, you should bathe your ferret. It is a precautionary action that will help to protect your pet.
  • Dry the ferret immediately after bathing them.

Can I Take My Ferret to the Beach?

While seawater won’t affect your ferret negatively, you should avoid crowded beaches. Ferrets don’t like crowds, and other people might get your pet nervous. If you can take them to a secluded beach where you are the only ones there, it would be ideal.

It would be great if you could enjoy swimming together with your ferret. However, the only way to find out if they can swim or will they drown is to test their reaction when they get in contact with the water.