Best Cheap Ferret Cages — Our Top 5 Picks!

Concerned whether you will be able to find cheap ferret cages after you’ve just spent some money for the lovable pet you desired? Rest your mind at ease because we have a solution for you to provide your furry friend a place to rest after it has finished its playtime. Ferrets certainly need to be allowed to move around in the maximum possible space but you cannot ignore the requirement of a cage because it is essential.

Try to set your mind on purchasing the largest cage affordable but if you are looking for cheap alternatives we suggest you consider our top 5 picks which we are certain to provide a homely atmosphere for your ferret. Our selection below has considered every requirement to make both you and your ferret happy and content:

Top 5 Ferret Cages:

  1. The Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Ferret Cage

  2. Prevue Hendryx Corner Black Ferret Cage

  3. Kaytee My First Home Multilevel Habitat For Exotics

  4. Marchioro Sara 82 C3 Cage For Small Animals

  5. Kaytee Multilevel Habitat With Removable Casters

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Complete Breakdown and Review of the Top Ferret Cages and Ferret Playpens:

The Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Ferret Cage

Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Ferret CageMidwest is one of the leading producers of ferret cages which are some of the best quality

cages available. This multiple unit ferret cage is available with a revolving stand which has two shelves. This cage has two pans available to provide wide space for playing, as it also helps the ferrets to avoid slipping. It is accompanied by two removable shelves and three ramps to give some cheerful rides to your furry friend and the ramps are also provided with covers. The design of the cage is comfortable both for feeding and cleaning. The cage has been made with material which is long-lasting and sturdy.  It also has a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. The pans available are completely hygienic and leakproof.

Prevue Hendryx Corner Black Ferret Cage review

You can even get an additional shelf to put items like toys and accessories for the ferret. Dual locks which are also incorporated can protect your ferret from other dangerous animals and the cage can be operated easily by any member of the family.

Prevue Hendryx Corner Black Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx Corner Black Ferret CageThis is an ideal stage for placement in the corners for homes with limited spaces. This ferret cage has four ramps and platforms to provide your ferret plenty of space to move around. Also included is a shelf saving space underneath which can function as storage for food, toys, and supplies of other types.

It has a bar spacing of 7/8 in.

It has been provided with a couple of oversized access doors.Prevue Hendryx Corner Black Ferret Cage review

Four heavy-duty casters are included to ensure easy mobility.

I love this cage purely for the fact is solves space problems which is a big problem most people have!


Kaytee My First Home Multilevel Habitat For Exotics, 30.5″ X 18″ X 30″

Kaytee My First Home Multilevel Habitat For Exotics

This is an ideal habitat for exotic pets such as ferrets. It has multiple levels to climb and play as well as a deep base to prevent a mess. It can be assembled easily and also be cleaned without difficulties.


It has been provided with chew proof locks for added safety and the wire spacing of the cage is restricted to Half an in.  Another advantage of this cage is the deep base which helps to prevent litter or bedding from falling out of the cage, which can be a common problem.

Kaytee My First Home ferret cage




Marchioro Sara 82 C3 Cage For Small Animals With Wheels 32.25 Inches Blue

Marchioro Sara 82 C3 Cage For Small Animals With Wheels 32.25 Inches BlueMarchioro is acknowledged as a company which makes innovative designs for ferret cages. The company has provided an excellent model with this cage which is in line with its reputation. The cage is 32.25 inches wide making it a midsize ferret cage. The pen has been specially designed to hold small and enthusiastic pets with strong locks and two doors. For added convenience it has been provided with:

  • Two wheels for easy movement of the cage.
  • Tubes and tunnels of various types for fun up and down the cage.
  • Three shelves for better access to playful activities as well as a top shelf with a tiny box house.
  • Cool accessories such as a food bowl and a water bottle have also been provided.

The cage is also equipped with some snack clips and a litter box making it a clean and a happy place to live for your furry friends.

This cage is highly recommended for your ferrets simply because of this
very thoughtful ferret playpens near me



Kaytee Multilevel Habitat With Removable Casters, 24″ X 24″ X 41.5

Kaytee Multilevel Habitat With Removable CastersThis is an attractive cage with some fantastic facilities and is available in cool purple. It is a multilevel pet house with some exciting equipment to play with, such as a tiny spiral slide, tunnel, Etc. The cage will provide some adventurous moments as well as a creative environment for your cute ferrets to play.


  • It has a quick removable scatter-less base to ensure better cleaning and replacement without difficulties.
  • Safety ramps have been provided to avoid cuts on the legs and body parts of the ferret.
  • The bars are made from high-quality material and are unlikely to become damaged if your ferret decides to chew on them.
  • Three comfortable shelves are attached with the fun
    accessories for a safer ferret cages near me

The cage is also available with caster wheels which ensure it can be moved easily. They are also equipped with safety locks leaving you free from any concerns about your furry friends.


My Final Thoughts

Consider looking at one of the options mentioned above in this discussion if you are looking for ferret cages to be used for your home. However, if you want a ferret cage which is convenient for use at home or even when traveling you will have no difficulties in finding a ferret playpen which is quite secure and will provide plenty of space for your ferret to jump around while being safely contained.

Good luck finding the perfect ferret cage for your furry friend!