Why Do Ferrets Stink and What We Can Do About It

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Our Top 3 Tips to Eliminate Smells in Ferrets

  1. Clean their ears at least once a week

  2. Clean their cage regularly

  3. Bathe them once a month

ferrets stinkYou may love these animals, but you’ve surely wondered why do ferrets stink? Nobody can neglect that they can be real smelly bombs. It can become tricky for you to get near them, and it is certainly not pleasant if you have guests coming.

Yes, the smell may come from the ferret poop in the cage. However, that is not the only reason. Let’s learn more about the distinctive smell of these animals, and find out if we can do anything about it.

Why Do Ferrets Stink?

The anal glands of a ferret are the primary source of a smell. Other carnivorous and omnivorous species have these glands, too.

Did you know that the ferrets are the part of Mustela genus in the Mustelidae family? Some of the other animals from this family are badgers, weasels, and minks.

However, ferrets release a distinctive and strong smell. The main reason for that is that they also use these glands for marking the territory.

These glands activate when animals feel they are in danger. The next time you wonder why do ferrets stink, think whether there are reasons for the animal to be threatened by anything.

Pet Stores Remove Anal Glands

do ferrets smellFerrets are popular pets, but many potential owners give up when they discover their specific musky smell. That is why pet stores sometimes remove anal glands to “descent” the animals.

While that can be helpful, the anal glands aren’t the only cause of the smell. Some ferrets may have particular hormones that make them emit muskier scent than others.

Additionally, it is all about hygiene. If you keep an animal’s bedding and living space clean, you will reduce the strength of their natural scent. It is only logical – remove the ferret poop, and you will get rid of the smell from the cage.

Apart from cleaning their cage, you should wash your ferret regularly. That includes bathing but also cleaning their ears. It can help to get rid of a big portion of the smell. However, keep in mind that these animals have a natural scent. That means you can never eliminate it.

Vital Tips to Keep Your Ferret’s Smell Under Control

do ferrets smell badwhy do ferrets smell Here is an in-depth look into the three crucial tips for grooming ferrets properly. These will also help you control their smell.

  1. Clean their ears at least once a week. Human ears also get waxy, but ferrets are extremely prone to that. Once that happens, they smart emitting a musky and strong scent. You can purchase special pet ear cleaners to ensure you are doing a good job. Additionally, use a Q-tip with some moisture to clean the outer ear. It is critical to avoid getting the Q-tip inside the ear canal. That way, you can risk damaging the eardrum of your ferret.
  2. Clean their cage regularly. We can’t tell you the exact time when you should do this. If you feel the smell from the cage or notice ferret poop, it’s cleaning time. Make sure to be thorough and change the bedding of your pet.
  3. Occasional baths are important. Ferrets are not among pets who you should bathe often. Approximately, you should bathe them every month or two. You want to use a special shampoo suitable for ferrets. If you can’t find one, use a shampoo made for kittens.

Bathing ferrets to much can be counterproductive. You can remove the natural oils from the animal’s skin. That will stimulate the glands to compensate for the loss, which will lead to an increased smell. If you recently bathed your pet, and you are still wondering why do ferrets stink, look for another cause instead of bathing them once again.

How to Clean a Ferret’s Cage to Help to Remove Smell

It will take time and effort to maintain the ferret’s living space properly. The experts recommend cleaning hard surfaces and floors every day. The good news is that you can let the bedding sit for three days before changing it. However, if you notice that it became too smelly, don’t hesitate to change it sooner.

Also you shouldn’t forget to clean the food bowl, toys, tubes, and the litter box as well!

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Can I Reduce the Smell with an Odor Neutralizer?

Yes, these products are quite effective in reducing the smell of your ferret. However, you should avoid using them often. Additionally, don’t spray them directly on your pet. Use a thin cloth or paper towel to spray the neutralizer, and apply it to the ferret’s fur only then.

You can also consider giving your pet a supplement that contains vitamins and other nutrients. That way, you will promote their health, improve their skin appearance, and reduce the smell in the process. It may not be the reason of why do ferrets stink, but it is worth a shot, and it can only help your pet.