Why Is My White Ferret Turning Orange?

what is a marshall ferretIf your white ferret is suddenly displaying the color orange in its fur the animal could be putting you in a spot of bother making you wonder why is my white ferret turning orange. You may look at its habits, conduct some research in its hiding spots to understand whether it has hidden some color changing material or even want to know whether a visit to the veterinarian has become a necessity. Let us explore the reasons why your white ferret is beginning to turn orange.


What Can You Do If Your White Ferret Is Changing Color?

As you have already looked at his habits and have also been through its hiding spots but haven’t found anything you are advised for the sake of safety to indulge in the exercise once again. Ferrets can be naughty pets and can discover new hiding spots for themselves which you may not have observed. Therefore it would be best if you decide to re-examine everyplace it could possibly have visited according to your imagination. If you don’t find anything unusual you may have a problem which you need to look at closely.


Could The Ferret Food Be Turning Your Pet Ferret Orange?

Have you changed the ferret food you were giving to your furry friend? It is quite possible that a color dye in the new food is coloring the excreta of the ferret.

The feces could be staining the tail to make the ferret look it is developing orange stains on its body.

You may also have to look at the litter box of the ferret to understand if it has regular bowel movements. It is well-established that soft stools or diarrhea can have different colors and appear yellow or orange which could indicate intestinal problems. However, you won’t be in a position to determine these matters until you take a closer look at the litter box of your ferret.

What Actions Can You Take If Your Ferret Is Changing Color?

White ferrets are unlike a Marshall ferret which has a rainbow of colors and will certainly not look good if it has some stains on its body.

If you have failed to identify the reasons for the change you should consider a discussion with the veterinarian because it could be the beginning of a disease of the adrenal glands.

white ferret turning orangeA disease of the adrenal glands can result in the oil-producing glands secreting more oil than necessary which could change the color of the skin and hair to make it appear orange or yellow. You should be exploring the possibilities of this condition as early as possible because these are the first indications of the disease of adrenal glands.

As you will not be in a position to determine the condition without expert help it would be a great reason to visit the veterinarian of your ferret to rule out the possibilities of this common condition which is nasty. After all, you wouldn’t want your white ferret to suffer from this problem or to continue appearing orange in color to give an impression it is not being cared for appropriately.

A visit to the veterinarian will help you to determine the reasons why the color of your white ferret is turning orange.

You may also be advised some remedies which can rectify the condition to stop the changes and leave your ferret looking white as ever.

When you begin to observe changes in the color of your ferret you initially need to examine the places which are visited by the animal to understand whether it is a cause of staining due to unnatural reasons.

In most cases, the problem is related to changes in food which could be affecting the bowel movements and causing the staining.

It is only when you cannot determine the reasons that you need help from a veterinarian who has the knowledge and the expertise to manage these situations.

Paying a visit to the veterinarian should not be a concerning subject for you if you love your ferret and want to give it the best attention possible. This is a common problem which can be treated and can also give you the satisfaction of never having to ask the question why is my white ferret turning orange?