Ferret Food

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Information Suitable for Your Pet Ferret

Conducting research on the ferret food which is available on the market should be high on your mind if you have decided to have ferrets as pets in your home. You need to ensure the ferret gets a nutritional diet and therefore conduct proper research into the kind of foods ferrets prefer before heading into the market to buy some.


What Kind of Food Is Preferred By Ferrets?


The metabolism rate among ferrets is quite fast so they are likely to have small meals approx. 8 to 10 times every day.


Ferrets need foods which are high in protein sources and their need is similar to cats, as both animals are carnivores. An excellent source of protein for ferrets is food pellets which can be found in the local pet store or when you are at your veterinarian.


We suggest that read the list of ingredients on the packaging of the ferret food to ensure the pellets are manufactured from nutritious ingredients of the highest quality. It is common among manufacturers to list ingredients which are most nutritious on the top of the list.


Therefor you are advised to look for ingredients such as chicken or lamb right at the top of the list because it would be perfect for the ferret in your home.


Can Ferrets Be Fed on Cat Food?


best ferret foodYou do not need to panic if you are unable to find prepackaged ferret food close to you. You can rest assured kitten food will work perfectly well [read the ingredients list] along with some ferret fatty acid supplements which you can also pick up from the pet store. You just need to be careful to pick up kitten food because the protein content in them is higher than in the food for adult cats. Kitten food is the most suitable option for your ferrets which you can substitute if you cannot find the chosen variety you have in mind.


What Other Ferret Foods Can My Pet Have?


Food cooked at home is another option which you can use to feed your ferret. Your pet can be fed on boiled or fresh poultry along with the pellets in your possession.


You just need to remember that an important staple for ferrets is dry food because it is helpful for cleaning their teeth.


You can also use chicken baby food as an addition to the pellet diet.


Should My Ferret Avoid Any Foods?


Vegetables, fruits, dairy or any foods with sugar and complex carbohydrates are best avoided as the digestive tracts of the ferrets are unable to process foods of these types. You are advised to have a consultation with your vet to understand the type of foods you shouldn’t be giving to the ferret. Many people believe they can get the best information they want from “ferret breeders near me” which is an error you shouldn’t be looking forward to committing. Having a short consultation with the vet will give you professional information which will be highly beneficial for your pet. You will undoubtedly get information about how you can give your ferret some smart and healthy treats to make your pet happy.


What Treats Can I Give My Pet Ferret?


Ferrets are just like dogs and cats and love to have treats whenever you are in the mood to distribute them.


Now you don’t need to rush into the pet store to purchase some treats for the ferret because you can conveniently use cooked eggs, bits of turkey, chicken or lamb and also include some cat treats along with them.


You just need to be careful that you don’t feed ferrets with treats manufactured for dogs as they are not suitable and stay with products specifically designed for ferrets and as a last resort for cats.


Most people have a neighborhood butcher in their area of residence. You can inquire about pieces of meat that are usually cast off by the butcher because they are not preferred by people but are loved by ferrets. You can bring home the castoff meat and cook the same any potential for illnesses which may be caused by raw meat. Your ferret will enjoy the treats after you cook the meat and feed your pet some treats.


Want to have some happy times in a jiffy? Cook up a batch of meat and freeze it up after cutting it into small chunks. It is a convenient way to invite happy times at your place because you just need to microwave the frozen meat for a minute or two to have the ferrets jumping all over you.


Having decided to have a ferret as a pet, it is also important for you to understand your furry friend to its fullest. You now have information of what you can feed your ferret, what to avoid and when to feed them.  You can now set your mind on having a good time with your pet ferret by giving it the best ferret foods available.